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About ME

Hi! Welcome to my 4x4 page where I have the freedom to discuss what I want and when I want. I truly believe in the freedom that life brings and it's all about choices. You make your life your own and you live how you want to live it. I chose to follow my passion with 4WD and here we are now.

I haven't always had this freedom, like most I did have an office job with regular hours, but a serious life event altered the course of my life drastically. Losing loved ones made me realize that there has got to be more that spending most of my days couped up in an office. Life really is too short and nobody knows how long we'll be here so you might as well make the most of it.

I hope you enjoy my adventures and maybe it'll inspire you to create your own!

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Come and join me on a drive in my 4x4, I do day and overnight tours to discover what Maniototo has to offer.